Dear Aspiring Author: This is the real reason you haven’t written your book yet. (PS. It’s got nothing to do with talent.)

Newsflash — it doesn’t matter how talented you are, you won’t write your book until you do this one thing.

“Wow, you’re writing a book? You must be super talented!”

“Believe me, I know myself how difficult it can be to finish writing a book…but it’s all about knowing this one important step.” — Jas Rawlinson, Author & Ghostwriter.

SO…what does it take to write a book?

Jas Rawlinson with some of her ‘Write to Inspire’ clients; everyday writers with life-changing stories.

It was commitment.

So…What does ‘commitment’ actually look like?

Excuse #1: ‘I’m too busy.’

Excuse #2: ‘I didn’t go to university, so what hope do I have?’

Excuse #3: ‘I don’t have the money to write a book.’

Life is all about priorities — and that includes your writing goals.

Talent is only a small part of the equation, but commitment is everything.

Jas Rawlinson is a best-selling author, speaker and book coach who specialises in stories that change and save lives. Connect at